Meet Our Fresh Start Kids

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts has transformed the lives of thousands of children suffering from deformities with the gift of reconstructive surgery. There is nothing quite like bringing joy to a child in need. At Fresh Start Children’s Charity, that is exactly what we do!

View some of our children’s reconstructive surgery stories below.

Georgina’s Story

Read about Georgina’s story

Jonathan’s Story

Read about Jonathan’s story

Kassy’s Story

Read about Kassy’s journey

Jackline’s Story

Read about Jackline’s story

Audrey’s Story

Read about Audrey’s journey

Obediah’s Story

Read about Obediah’s journey

Young man's face after recovering from many nonprofit surgeries after a landmine explosion.

Beloved’s Story

Read about Beloved’s journey across oceans to a fresh start.

Ramses’s Story

Read about how Fresh Start is transforming Ramses’s life.


Estefania’s Story

Through the help of Fresh Start, Estefania received the smile she always dreamed about.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole has received medical care from Fresh Start for over 20 years

Angela’s Story

Read about Angela’s journey from a shy and timid child to a strong and confident young woman.

Russian woman smiling after having healed from many nevus removal surgeries.

Eleanor’s Story

Read about how Eleanor received a fresh start and a chance at a normal and happy life.

Young Mexican girl smiling after healing from many cleft lip surgeries.

Teresa’s Story

Read about Teresa’s transformation from a cleft lip to beautiful smile.

Young African American boy's face after many cosmetic surgeries to fix dog attack wounds.

Daniel’s Story

Read about how Fresh Start is helping him gain back his confidence and motivation.

Close-up of a young black girl's face who has Treacher Collins syndrome.

Joan’s Story

Read about how Fresh Start is transforming Joan’s life.


Fleur Ange’s Story

Read how Fleur Ange has received a fresh start at life thanks to Fresh Start.

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