Russian woman smiling after having healed from many nevus removal surgeries.Eleanor was born with a potentially fatal congenital disease that carries a 10% risk of degenerating into cancer. She has a hairy Nevus (giant mole) which covers her entire upper back, upper chest, as well as large areas on both buttocks and right thigh.

Eleanor lives in Zelenodolski, Russia, 600 miles east of Moscow. When she was a baby, Roza, Eleanor’s mother, took Eleanor to Moscow to see a skin specialist, only to be told that there was nothing that could be done. Roza found out that Eleanor would likely be dead by the age of 10.

Eleanor_beforeLuckily, Roza was the director of an orphanage from which several children were being adopted by American families through the Global Children’s Organization. A doctor from Palm Springs took up Eleanor’s cause and got her into to the U.S. to receive hairy Nevus treatment. Her first six nevus removal surgeries were performed at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California.

In May of 1994, Eleanor became a patient at our charity for children receiving free cosmetic surgery for kids, since she would need many more surgeries over the ensuing years. Since 1994 Eleanor has made countless trips to San Diego and has received numerous surgeries and other treatments with Fresh Start such as nevus removal. with Fresh Start. Eleanor’s last treatments from Fresh Start were in 2007 – proof that Fresh Start’s reconstructive surgery stories are not bound by time, but by results.



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