Fleur Ange

Fleur Ange was born a normal, but premature, little girl to a young, newly-wed couple in Vietnam. Soon however, her life would change dramatically. One night her father went into a jealous rage, questioning the paternity of his child – he brutally attacked the mother and infant with a machete, leaving the right side of the baby’s face mutilated beyond recognition, and the mother dead. After the attack, the baby was left on the doorstep of a nearby hospital.

When she was stable, Fleur Ange was taken to an orphanage for handicapped children. Luckily, a Quebec-based organization called Terre Des Hommes, saw her at the orphanage and found a loving family in Canada. However, the adoption couldn’t take place unless Fleur Ange received reconstructive plastic surgery. In 2003, Terre Des Hommes and her foster parents found Fresh Start’s cosmetic surgery for children program, and and Fleur Ange was able to receive the treatments she desperately required. We are happy to have her as a part of our reconstructive surgery stories.

Fleur Ange has received over $50,000 in free facial surgery for children to correct her deformity and last received treatment from Fresh Start charity for children in 2009. Although a few years have passed and Fleur Ange is now 10, Fresh Start is thrilled to have reconnected with Fleur Ange and her family and Fleur Ange will again be receiving facial reconstruction for kids at the November 2012 Surgery Weekend. Fleur Ange not only survived her horrific ordeal, but she is now thriving thanks to her loving foster family and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.



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