Young Mexican girl smiling after healing from many cleft lip surgeries.Teresa was born with cleft lip and palate in Tijuana, Mexico. Left with few options for high-quality medical treatments, Teresa and her family felt hopeless. Luckily, Teresa’s family heard about our charity for children and Teresa began her transformation into the strong and confident young woman that she is today.

Teresa has now been a Fresh Start patient receiving free cleft lip surgeries for over 10 years and has regained her health, confidence, and self-esteem. True to Fresh Start’s comprehensive and long-term approach for every patient, Teresa has received 6 reconstructive cleft lip surgeries, scar revision, and dental care to treat her deformity.

Teresa has received 6 reconstructive surgeries, has attended over 40 dental clinics, has attended over 30 speech clinics, and has received over $150,000 in donated medical services from Fresh Start’s volunteer medical professionals. Teresa attended the May 4, 2012 dental clinic and received speech therapy on May 20, 2012. Read some of our other incredible reconstructive surgery stories.



Our Medical Program consists of the Surgery Weekend Program, Dental Clinics & Support Services.

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