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Dental Clinic Volunteer San Diego | Volunteer Opportunities

Dental Clinic Volunteer

Dental Clinics and Orthodontic Clinics are held over 20 times each year at the offices of local San Diego Dentists. Volunteer dental clinic shifts last 4-5 hours and include food and great company. If you are interested in Dental clinic volunteer opportunities in San Diego, fill out a Volunteer Application and wait for an e-mail with next-step instructions.

Auto Clave/Chair Turnover

Auto Clave/Chair Turnover Volunteers facilitate the work of our volunteer dental professionals by turning over chairs in between patients and running the auto clave sterilization machine. Fill out our volunteer application form.

Children’s Activities

Dental Clinic volunteers in San Diego play with patients and their siblings while they wait for an appointment. Supplies are provided and some Spanish is helpful but not necessary. Fill out our non-medical volunteer application.

Dental Assistant

Volunteer Dental Assistants in San Diego must possess current licensure or certification from the State of California. Fill out our Dental Assistant volunteer application form.

Dental Assistant – Ortho

Volunteer Ortho-Assistants must possess current licensure or certification from the State of California and must have experience in orthodontia. Fill out our Ortho-assistant volunteer application form.

Dental Hygienist

Volunteer Dental Hygienists must possess current licensure or certification from the State of California and experience in pediatrics is preferred. Fill out our dental hygienist volunteer application form.


Volunteer Dentists and Volunteer Orthodontists must be licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners, pediatric experience is preferred, and volunteers must possess current California licensure and malpractice insurance. Fill out our volunteer application form.


Volunteer Interpreters facilitate communication between patients and caregivers. Bilingual in Spanish and English is preferred, but other language specialties are encouraged to contact Fresh Start for placement. Fill out our non-medical volunteer application.

Oral Hygiene Instructor

Oral Hygiene Instructor Volunteers support the work of volunteer dental professionals by ensuring that patients understand how to provide quality self-care. OHI supplies are provided. Fill out our Oral Hygiene instructor volunteer application form.

Patient Reception

Volunteer Patient Receptionists help check-in patients for appointments during Dental Clinics. Must possess some knowledge of Spanish. Fill out our non-medical volunteer application.


Transportation volunteers drive patient in the Fresh Start van to and from Dental Clinic appointments. Volunteers must possess a valid California driver’s license and proof of insurance and must pass a DMV record check. Fill out our non-medical volunteer application.