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Before image of Avante

Avante age 20 lives in Chicago, suffered from a genetic response to a bug bite called Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome.  A condition that creates swelling in the face or scalp.


Before image of Katia

Katia was born with microtia coupled with Goldenhar Syndrome on the left side of her face. Microtia is a birth defect where the exterior part of the ear is underdeveloped.


Andrea before image

Andrea was born with a hemangioma covering the entire right side of her face. Commonly known as a port wine stain.


Callie before photo

Callie was born with large red lumps covering the lower part of her face – a condition called hemangiomas and caused by growth of excess blood vessels. 

Fleur Ange

Fluer Ange becfore image

Fleur Ange was born a normal, but premature, little girl to a young, newly-wed couple in Vietnam. Soon however, her life would change dramatically.


Joan after image

Joan suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic birth defect that is characterized by downward slanting eyes, small lower jaw, and malformed or missing ears.


Daniel after image

Daniel was severely attacked by a dog as a young child – the dog bit off his left ear and mutilated his face.


Teresa after image

Teresa was born with cleft lip and palate in Tijuana, Mexico. Left with few options for high-quality medical treatments, Teresa and her family felt hopeless.


Eleanor after image

Eleanor was born with a potentially fatal congenital disease that carries a 10% risk of degenerating into cancer. She has a hairy Nevus (giant mole) which covers her entire upper back.


Angela after image

Angela was born with bilateral complete cleft lip and palate. Angela came from a large family in San Diego that were unable to pay for the many treatments her condition required.