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Hemangioma, Port Wine Stain Treatment from Fresh Start



Andrea was born with a hemangioma covering the entire right side of her face. Commonly known as a port wine stain.

When she was born, Andrea’s parents sought medical help for their daughter, however, the medical professionals in her home town did not have the expertise to treat Andrea’s condition.

Andrea’s parents were devastated and for the next year and a half, they began to feel the sting of stares, finger-pointing, and endless questions of “What happened to your daughters face?”  They became desperate to find a doctor who could help their daughter before she could become even more aware of the negative attention that began happening while she was with other toddlers.

Andrea’s parents learned about Fresh Start and immediately applied for help.

Andrea was accepted into the Fresh Start program. She is being treated with tremendous success by Fresh Start Volunteer Dr. Bari Cunningham -a Dermatologist, and Dr. Greg Ostrow – an Ophthalmologist.  She receives intense laser treatments under anesthesia.  Andrea will continue in Fresh Start’s care until the best possible outcome is achieved.

To date, Andrea has received medical care valued at $154,772.00.

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