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Facial Reconstruction for Kids With Hemangiomas | Fresh Start



Callie was born with large red lumps covering the lower part of her face – a condition called hemangiomas and caused by growth of excess blood vessels.  Corrective facial reconstructive surgery was not covered by her family’s health insurance and her family could simply not afford to pay for it.

In a world where physical appearances are very scrutinized, Callie felt like the “ugly duckling”.  In 1996 Callie’s mom saw feature about Fresh Start on the Geraldo Rivera  and she became a Fresh Start kid at the age of 4 until age 16.

Today Callie is happily married with a family of her own.  Because of the care and compassion shown to her by the volunteer nurses at Fresh Start, Callie is an Oncology Registered Nurse and honors the volunteer doctors and nurses by showing the same care and compassion to her own patients.

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Our Medical Program consists of the Surgery Weekend Program, Dental Clinics & Support Services.