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Treatment for Amelogenesis Imperfecta | Fresh Start



Estefania was born with a genetic defect called amelogenesis imperfecta, which prevents the development of tooth enamel. Without enamel, teeth become especially vulnerable to cavities and dramatic deterioration, which can be extremely painful and interfere with eating, regular dental hygiene, and even smiling.

Estefania received extensive orthodontic work over 3 years and Estefania believes her new smile was well worth the wait.

Estefania says, “Fresh Start has helped me more than I could ever imagine, everyone here is so friendly and no one ever judges you.”

Estefania’s treatment would have cost well over $90,000 without the help of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and our free orthodontic work for kids, which her and her family would never have been able to afford. Thanks to Fresh Start’s Surgical Gifts children’s dental care in San Diego, Estefania has now blossomed into a bright, happy, and outgoing young adult! We are proud to have her as a part of our reconstructive surgery stories.

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